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Generate reports in Planday
Generate reports in Planday

In this article, you will find an overview of the different types of reports and how you can generate them in Planday.

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What are reports?

In many situations, having an overview of your organisation's data is helpful in Planday and as an export file. You can create a report to view information at a glance or download it as a file for your other business processes.

For example, you can create a payroll data export to prepare for a pay run, get an overview of a specific employee's shifts or generate an absence report. You can often apply filters to display results for a particular set of employees or departments to get the necessary information.

See what report options are available in Planday and where to find them. To read more about each report, click on the links in each section for a step-by-step guide on generating that report.

Schedule reports

Schedule statistics and shifts overview

  • From the main menu of Planday, go to Reports > Schedule statistic reports. Here you can retrieve information on how many hours or shifts your employees are scheduled to work in a specific period.
    Read more in the article Schedule statistic reports.

  • Inside Schedule > Tools > Shifts overview, you will find another option to get an overview of your employees' shift hours.

  • In the Employees view on the Schedule page, you can see a summary of the individual employee's shifts if you move the pointer over an employee's name and click Shift overview icon. This will open a new window where you can see all the shifts assigned to the employee, sorted by department, in a specific period.

Shift type statistics

If you use Shift types to label your shifts on the schedule, you can see how often these labels have been used. This can help you track sickness, trial shifts, punctuality or other categories. Go to Reports > Shift type statistics to view this report.

Read more in the article Using Shift types for reporting and payroll.

Additional schedule export options

While working on the schedule, you have some additional reports close at hand.

  • You can download the current week's schedule as a PDF file from Schedule > Tools > Print schedule. Switch the schedule view to 2 weeks or a month to download more periods. This is handy if you want to print a physical copy of your rota to display.

  • Under Schedule > Tools > Export schedule CSV, you can download the current week's schedule as a CSV file. This export provides a much more detailed overview of shifts on the schedule for that week.

Note: In this report, you can, among other things, see the Punch Clock comments when the shifts have been approved in Timesheets, and the administrative note (only visible to admins and schedule managers).

  • You can download a Working time rule report under Schedule > Tools > Working time rule report (Excel format) and this will allow you as a manager to export a record of working time rule infractions.

  • With Contract rules, you can set how many hours an employee should work in a certain period. You can then see an overview or download a report if there are deviations from these contracted hours vs scheduled hours. From the main menu, go to Schedule > Contracted hours.
    Read more in the article See contracted hours on the schedule.

  • To see who changed what and when on the schedule, go to Schedule > (switch to a specific department’s schedule if you have many) Tools > Schedule history. From here, you can see a summary of all changes made to the schedule, such as shift edits, approvals, and deletions.
    Read more in the article How to see Schedule history and edits.

Employee reports

Employee data

Regardless of whether you need a report on your employee's personal information or changes in a specific period, you can do so under the menu Employees > Tools > Export data.

Use the Employee details or Employee changes templates and customise them to your needs - Alternatively, you can create a custom report.

Find more information in the article Export employee data.

Documents and contracts

  • You can get a quick overview of the documents uploaded to the employees' profiles by going to People > Employees > Tools > Document overview. Depending on which document type you choose, the report will also include the date on which the document expires if this is specified.

    ⚠️ Note that this export requires you to create a document type and select the same type when you upload a file to the employee.

  • You can also see contracts or signed documents by visiting People > Contracts. Select from Awaiting action or Signed contracts section and press Download contract to view a document. You can also switch to the Overviewsection to see status-specific contracts such as Signed, No contracts (If no contract is attached to an employee) or Expired.

Timesheets report

To see both shift and punch clock data in one place you can now view and compare hours scheduled against hours worked in menu Reports > Timesheets report.

  • Departments - You can export the hours from all departments (default) or select a specific department.

  • Employees - Export hours for a particular employee or gather data for all employees (default) in the selected department(s).

  • Date interval - You can select the start and end dates for the period you need to review and export hours for.

  • Days of the week - Filter hours by a particular day of the week or export data for all days of the week by default.

  • Shift types - You can select which shift types you want your shift report to be filtered by leave it on the default option where all shift types are selected.

  • Shift status - To export hours by a particular shift status you can uncheck the default of ‘All options’ to only have Approved or Not approved hours in your final export.

  • File format - You can export the shift report as either a CSV or PDF file.

When ready, click on ‘Create report’ where your chosen file format will be downloaded.

Payroll and Revenue reports

Payroll data export

Under the menu Payroll > Payroll data export, you can download a report on hours worked, hourly rates, fixed salaries and salary supplements.

You can export the information as a PDF, .CSV or Excel file. In addition to these file formats, you can export a file to later upload to your payroll integration if you have one enabled in your Planday.

Read more in the article Preparing for payroll.

If you are a Xero customer, see Xero pay run health check before compiling a pay run with Xero.

Custom payroll report

The Excel and .CSV file formats, available under Payroll data export, can be customised by going to Settings > Payroll > Prints.

Read more about this customised report in the article Customise your payroll data fields.


You can download revenue reports for specific departments and periods as an Excel file under Reports > Revenue and Export data. This report only contains the revenue data entered into Planday - no information on labour costs.

Find more information in the article Revenue in Planday.

Leave reports

Go to Schedule > Leave Requests > Export > Leave report to download a summary of leave requests.

If you want to see an overview of your Absence accounts, you can do this under Schedule > Leave accounts > Export. This report also shows your overtime accounts.

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