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Export employee data

Download data from Planday such as newly hired employees, changes in employee data, or deactivated users. Export reports via FTP upload.

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Using Export employee details you can download tailored employee data from Planday, such as new hires in a time period, deactivated user accounts, and changes to employee information. Data can be downloaded as a report file from Planday or scheduled to be uploaded to a secure FTP server of your choice periodically.

To access the export data page, go to People > Employees > Tools > Export data

On the Export employee details page, you will find some pre-made templates, your previously exported reports and the option to create your own custom reports.

Build a Custom Report

From the Export employee details page, which you can access via People > Employees > Tools > Export data > press Create report to begin building your custom employee report.

  • Choose whether or not to include headers in your report, then select the export format. If you are unsure of which to use, you will likely use the Download option.

  • Select which Department(s) and Employee types to report on, choose whether or not to include deactivated employee accounts, and use the Filter options to tailor your report type and the reporting period. The example above will be a department-based employee change report, including deactivated employee accounts, for the period of August 2018.

  • Add, modify, and remove fields to define the data to be included in the report. In the example above the report will return data based on changes made to any of the ten default employee fields.

Once you have finished creating your report press Create. You can now download your report at any time from the Export employee details section.

Automate Reports with Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) upload

Using SFTP you can automate the export of your Employee reports. To do so, choose Automatic SFTP export, then Show details. Here you can set the export day and time, set a destination for the report, and choose your authentication method. (Username and password or Public Key.)

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