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See contracted hours on the schedule
See contracted hours on the schedule

Use the traffic light feature in the schedule to keep your employee’s hours within the contracted hours and prevent under or over scheduling

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🎯 For Admins and Schedule managers.

If you haven’t set your employees with Contract rules, please see this article on setting up your employees with awards and apply a Contract rule to an employee.

Suppose you have applied a Contract rule to an employee via an award or created one yourself. In that case, you can administer the rule's application to an employee and make more informed schedules. For example, you can see which employees have the hours they need, which are under-scheduled and which have been overscheduled.

Scheduled hours and overtime in the schedule

A traffic light system is used to keep track of your employee's ordinary hours of work in relation to their contracted or agreed number of hours per week. You can then identify overtime or undertime when scheduling.

As you schedule shifts for employees, a coloured ring around their profile picture indicates their compliance with the rule. You can see these rules when you switch to the employee view on the schedule.

  • No outline: No Contract rule has been assigned to the employee.

  • 🟡 Yellow outline = The employee has been scheduled to work too few hours, and there is no overtime.

  • 🟢 Green outline = Employee has been scheduled to work the correct number of ordinary hours and has no overtime.

  • 🔴 Red outline = The employee has been scheduled overtime hours.


How to see a summary of hours per employee

On the Schedule page, please switch to the Employees view and click on an employee's avatar or initials with a traffic light circle to open a summary of their worked hours.

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Here you can see a summary of hours that count towards determining overtime. The columns show the following aspects for calculation:

  • Valid from and Valid to - Start and end of your interval period.

  • Interval type - Type of the interval set up in Contract rule.

  • Scheduled hours - Show all the hours the employee has been scheduled to work. This includes ordinary hours plus overtime hours.

  • Ordinary hours - Shows scheduled hours minus all of the overtime hours.

  • Contracted hours - These are the employee's Regular hours of work (ex. weekly interval 30hrs)

  • Deviation - This shows the difference between ordinary hours and contracted hours. 🟡 Yellow if contracted hours are not met. 🟢 Green if scheduled according to contracted hours.

  • Overtime - Shows overtime hours as soon as any of the rules in the Contract rule trigger overtime. 🔴 Red if overtime applies.

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