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Using Shift types for reporting and payroll
Using Shift types for reporting and payroll

Use Shift types to track sickness, late punches or other criteria based on the usage of Shift types. Download Schedule statistic reports.

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Get familiar with using Shift types to make full use of this feature.

If you are using Shift types on the schedule, you can use the Shift type statistics report found under the Reports tab to view all kinds of data, such as sickness, late punches and overtime.
You can also download Schedule statistic reports and see how many hours your employees work or how many shifts they have in a specific period and in different Employee groups or Departments.

View reports based on Shift type statistics

With a well-organised use of Shift types, you can pull insightful reports detailing sick leave, productive or unproductive hours, or any other criteria that you have used Shift types for.
To view a report based on Shift types, go to Reports > Shift type statistics.
You can set your report criteria here and press Show Statistics to view an overview.

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Shift types - Uncheck the box for All Shift types to select the specific Shift type(s) you want to report on. For example, select the shift type that you use to mark sickness.
​Employees - Choose between Employees, Employee groups, and Departments to drill down further.
​Range - Set the date range and days in the date range you want to be included.
​Except - Select a holiday calendar if you wish to exclude days from that calendar in your report.
​Status - Filter based on All, Approved or Not approved shifts.
​Include 0% If you want employees without activities of the selected type to be included in this report.

⚠️ Note, for Employee groups and Department statistics, percentage rates are always based on all employees in the selected group or department.
Check Show with the calendar to see when each Shift type was used per employee.
Press Show Statistics to view a report.

Use cases for Shift type statistics

Illness/Absence reports

If you have applied a Shift type for illness or absence, you can use this to view a tailored report. For example, you can generate a report on your Shift type, per department, per calendar month.

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Punctuality reports

By assigning a late arrival Shift type to employees, you can use this to keep track of punctuality records over a given time period.

Overtime reports

By assigning a shift type to overtime, you can track how many hours your employees are working overtime and assess its impact on your revenue.

Download Schedule statistics reports

You can download Schedule statistics reports in Excel if you want further to analyse the Schedule data from your Planday account. There are two built-in reports:

  1. Hours per employee - See how many hours your employees work in a specific period and in different Groups and Departments.

  2. Shifts per employee - See how many shifts your employees are working in a specific period and in different Groups and Departments.

Go to Reports > Schedule statistic reports and select the report you wish to download, and press Generate report.

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Based on your choice of report, you can customise the settings according to your requirements.

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  1. Select employees via employee list, Department list or Employee group list. You can also select if the report should include active or deactivated employees.

  2. Select a date range and work days within the range to include in your report.

  3. Include Shift types to choose which Shift type(s) you want to use in your report.

  4. Filter for All, Approved (default), or Not approved Shifts.

  5. You can choose between including Normal shifts or ignoring them from the report. (default On)

  6. (Only in Hours per employee report) You can choose to include breaks or subtract break data from the report. (default Off)

  7. (Only in Shifts per employee report) - Choose if you wish to include All shifts or shifts with Schedule time with/without start and end. These are any Extra shifts the employee may have taken that were not part of the schedule.

  8. You can use custom balance filters to generate a report that matches your criteria. For example, Only include hours/shifts if the shift duration is greater than or equal to a specific number of hours.

  9. Include all employees (default ON) who do not have shifts in the selected period.

  10. Press Download report to download the Excel file based on your selected criteria.

With the data opened in Excel, you can use all the tools available in Excel to filter, create charts, and analyse your data down to the exact detail. See below an example report on Hours per employee.

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