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How to punch in and out using the Planday app
How to punch in and out using the Planday app

Learn how to punch in and out of your shifts or breaks and leave a comment for your manager in case you are late!

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🎯 For employees.

  • Please note that the screenshots may look slightly different between Android and iOS, but the process remains similar.

  • Make sure to use the latest Planday app and update to newer versions as they are released.

  • If you are using an iOS device with iOS 14 or later, please enable Precise location access for the Planday app. This is necessary to ensure that your company’s requirements for punching in/out of a shift are met.

Punch in and out for your shift from the Planday app

Punch Clock allows you to conveniently clock in, register breaks, and clock out using your mobile phone or a kiosk station.

If your employer uses Punch Clock, your shifts for the current day will be visible in the Punch Clock section of the Planday app. To clock in, arrive at your workplace and press Start shift. Press End shift to clock out at the end of your workday.

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If you encounter difficulties clocking in, please grant full access to Planday app from your mobile device's location or GPS settings. See What to do if you have problems with the Punch Clock article to troubleshoot.

Add a comment when punching in or out (optional)

When you clock in or out for your shift, you have the option to leave a comment. This can be useful if you're starting early, arriving late, or wish to provide feedback about the shift. Your manager will review this comment when approving your shift. Your manager will review this comment when approving your shift.

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Why leave a comment?

  1. Reason for being late: If you're running late for your shift, you can leave an explanation when you clock in.

  2. Reason for staying overtime: If you stayed over your scheduled hours, you may want to let your manager know why you stayed overtime when punching out from your shift.

  3. Shift specifics: You might leave comments about specific details of your shift, such as tasks you worked on or any special considerations.

  4. Issues or concerns: If you encounter any issues during your shift or have concerns that need attention, you can use comments to communicate these to your manager.

  5. Feedback: You can also leave positive feedback, mood, or comments about your shift, colleagues, or the work environment.

How to punch in for an extra shift

Suppose you’re not on the schedule but are working; clock in by pressing Add extra shift. Next, choose the Department and Employee group where you belong and press Start shift. You have the option to add a comment for your manager about this extra unscheduled shift.

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Don’t see the "Add extra shift" option?

  • The ability to punch in for an extra shift needs to be enabled by your Planday admin for this setting to appear.

  • For unscheduled shifts, contact your manager first before starting.

Punch in and out for a break from the Planday app

If your manager has enabled breaks on your shift, as an employee, you can register your break using the Planday app. Simply start your shift by clocking in, and when it's time for a break, press the Start break button. During the break, you can keep track of its duration with the red timer.

Please note:

You must be clocked into your shift before punching out for a break.
You can cancel a break within 2 minutes of punching in, and it will not be recorded.

To finish a break, press End break. You will be able to see the total break time and again have the option to start a new break or end your shift.

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Please note:

The timer may be slightly delayed if your mobile has been in sleep mode. If this is the case, please wait a few seconds, and the timer will update itself with the correct duration.

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