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This article will guide you on how to set up Punch Clock using geofencing or approved IP addresses.

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๐ŸŽฏ For Planday Admins looking to use time management features.

Punch Clock allows staff to clock in for their shifts through the Planday app, via web browser or the designated Kiosk app for iPad. Set up Punch Clock to improve accuracy in time tracking of worked hours.

Please note that we currently do not support UTC+8:45 (ACWTS) and UTC+10:30 (LHST). If you have any questions or need to change the timezone on your Planday, reach out to our Support Team.

Set up web-based Punch Clock by registering your IP address with Planday

For employees to clock in and out through an administrator needs to register the IP address of the network used to access Punch Clock from the workplace:

  • Go to Settings > Punch Clock > Access, and click the Add button under WiFi access.

  • Enter a name, e.g. the location employees will clock in and out.

  • Add the IP address.

  • Enter in a description (optional)

  • Click Save.

Don't see the IP address?

If you do not see the Current IP address listed on the page and do not know it, it is possible to look it up. If you are physically present at the location on a computer where the Punch Clock needs to work, you can register the IP address by searching for "what is my IP address" on Google search. Your public IP address will be the first result that appears.

After the IP address is registered, your employees can clock in and out using

By toggling on โ€œPunch Clock allowed from the workplace Wi-Fi (IP-address(es) must be defined)โ€ your employees will be able to punch in using the app when their mobile device is connected to the network.

What do I do if the IP address isn't recognised?

If you can't access, it is most likely due to a change in your dynamic IP address. Your Internet Service Provider will sometimes change your dynamic IP address. You can add the new IP address by following the steps above when connected to the internet access point used at the workplace.

Set up location-based Punch Clock to punch in or out from the Planday app

If you want your employees to punch in by using the Planday app you will have to set up geofencing in Punch Clock settings.

  • Go to Settings > Punch Clock > Employee access.

  • Under the Mobile App Access select Yes for Punch Clock use via the mobile app.

  • Next, check the appropriate box for a location from which you would like the Punch Clock to be available.

Select the Add new location button:

  • Search for the address of your location in the search field at the top of the map. You can also click and drag to navigate to where you want.

  • Add the Planday departments you want to give access to from this location.

  • Give the GPS zone a name, and select Save.

You can adjust the radius when adding a zone.

  • We recommend a radius of 100m or more, as in some cases a smaller area can be affected by phone GPS accuracy, and GPS disturbances in the area thus affecting whether the employees will be able to punch in.

  • If your employees are using iOS devices with software version iOS 14 or later they will need to enable Precise location access for the Planday App to be able to punch in.

Give employees unrestricted access to clocking in and out

If you want to give access to Punch Clock from the mobile app without any restrictions, check the box named Punch Clock allowed everywhere under Mobile App Access.

Set up Punch Clock on Planday Kiosk app for iPad

If you want your employees to clock in and out on site and not be dependent on GPS, IP address or mobile devices, you can use this option.

Learn about how to set up the Planday Kiosk app in Planday Kiosk app for iPad.

Allow employees to punch in for an unscheduled shift

You can allow your employees to punch in without a shift assigned to them. If an employee punches in without a shift, their hours will be visible on the schedule for the department they clock in, and you can administer or approve the shift like any other shift.
Go to Settings > Punch Clock > Advanced > Display settings and select Yes in Punch in without a shift.

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