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For employees: What you can do if you have problems with the Punch Clock
For employees: What you can do if you have problems with the Punch Clock

In this article, learn how you, as an employee, can deal with problems with the Punch Clock.

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🎯 This article is for users of the Planday app.

Are you an admin? Configure Punch Clock here.

If you encounter a problem using the Punch Clock, there are several options for finding a solution. If you do not find the right solution for you in this article, please feel free to contact our support team via chat.

Make sure you're at the right location

GPS or Location services must be switched On when using the Punch Clock in the Planday app. You cannot punch out if you are not at the location of work.

Your employer can set the Punch Clock so that you have to be within a certain radius of your workplace to use the Punch Clock. If you are outside your workplace or at the wrong location, go back and try again.

Ensure that you're connected to the correct company Wi-Fi

Your employer can optionally restrict the use of the Punch Clock to a Wi-Fi network of their choice. In this case, you can clock in only if your device is on an approved Wi-Fi network, not on another one or mobile data. If necessary, open your Wi-Fi settings to check that you are connected to a company Wi-Fi with good signal strength.

Turn on Wi-Fi, Location services, and Mobile Data

As outlined in the previous steps, Punch Clock may be restricted by location or Wi-Fi network. A good signal strength when using mobile data is usually sufficient if there are no restrictions.

You can ensure that Wi-Fi and mobile data are activated in your mobile device settings.

  • If using an iOS device, ensure that location services and precise location are turned on by navigating to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Then go back to Settings, scroll to Planday in the app overview and set Location to When using the app. The steps may vary slightly depending on the iOS device. See guidance from Apple on this.

    • If you are using an iOS device running iOS 14 or later, please enable the Precise location option (under Settings > Privacy > Location Services) for the Planday app. This is necessary to meet the Punch-in and Punch-out requirements.

  • Feel free to contact your manager directly to learn more about how Punch Clock is setup at your facility.

  • If using an Android device, ensure location services are enabled by swiping down from the top or navigating to Location from the Settings panel. Turn on the feature there and set options to improve accuracy if necessary. The steps may vary slightly depending on the Android device. If you have any questions or problems, please get in touch with Android support.

  • If you've followed the steps above and still have trouble with location services, you can check the maps app to see if your position is accurate enough. If you have problems, talk to your manager to check whether the punch radius is too small for the Punch Clock to be functional.

After updating to Planday app version 10.1, you can now choose to allow or deny location access when launching the app for the first time.

Restart the Planday app and your device

In some cases, fully closing the Planday application and restarting it can resolve Punch Clock issues. You can also try restarting your mobile device.

Uninstall and reinstall the Planday app

If you experience repeated problems using the app, it may help to uninstall completely and reinstall it again.

Make sure the time is set correctly on the device

The device used for clocking in and clocking out should be set to the correct time. This applies to both a shared device (a tablet, computer or laptop) and employees' personal devices. If possible, allow your device to automatically set the date and time for maximum accuracy.

Contact Planday's support team

If you still cannot find a solution using the steps above, please get in touch with the Planday support team via chat. Please provide helpful information with your request:

  • What steps have you already taken to resolve the issue?

  • What is the version of your operating system? You can find information about this on iOS in Settings > General > About and Android in Settings > About phone > Android version.

  • What is the version of your Planday app? You can find this information in the app by tapping More and scrolling down to the bottom.

  • The name of your smartphone model and any relevant screenshots of the problem can also be helpful so that the support team can quickly process your issue.

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