Create or edit a Department

Learn how to create or edit Departments (locations) in Planday.

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What is a Department?

Departments are mainly used if your company owns several locations or areas. Each department in Planday is assigned its own schedule.

The number of active departments you are allowed to have in total depends on your Planday subscription plan. On a Starter Planday package, you will be limited to having only one department, whereas the Plus and Pro packages allow up to 5 or more departments.

Navigate to your account section or contact the Planday support team via the chat icon at the bottom right if you wish to set up additional departments. Please indicate which location and how many employees you want to use the new departments.

Create a new Department

Your Planday setup comes with a default department named ‘First department’. If you plan on only using this, go directly to editing a department section.

You can create additional departments either under the employee page or from the Departments page where you can also edit existing departments.

From the Departments section

To create a new department from the Departments page, go to People > Departments and click on the Create department button.

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From the People section

You can also create a new Department from People > Employees, by clicking (+) Create department in the left menu.

Regardless of where you choose to create a new department, you will see a menu in which you have to enter the department’s name. Additional details such as department number and address can be added optionally.

Edit and assign employees to a Department

To add employees to a department, go to People > Departments > Press the edit button () on the name of a department to edit it.

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This brings up the Edit Department menu where you can Add employees to this department.

Press Save after making any changes or Done to close the module.

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