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How to access and export your data?
How to access and export your data?

This article will guide you on how to export your employee details and Punch Clock data for compliance or audits

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🎯 This article is for the admins who are required to produce an audit trail, conduct an initial investigation, suspect a data breach, or wish to cancel their Planday subscription. You can get an overview of all the reports you can export in Planday here.

Export Employee details and changes

First, go to People > Employees > Tools > Export data.

In the Export employee details menu, your custom-made reports will be shown on the left, while the template reports for Employee details and Employee changes can be found under the Integration templates section on the right side.

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Export Employee details

An export of all current employee data will allow you to get a quick overview of the personal data that you currently have in the system.

Export Employee changes

A change report that you can use to find out who has made changes to your Planday data, and when. In the event of a suspected compromise of employee data, this report will be available for your scrutiny.

πŸ’‘ In all of these reports, you can choose whether to include deactivated employees or not.

Shift changes and Punch Clock data

Go to Schedule > Punch Clock > Select the Printer icon. This report will give you full visibility into clocking data for your employees. To get a granular report we recommend exporting in Excel format.

To review shift change history you have two options:

  • Navigate to Schedule > Tools > Schedule history to see all changes made to the schedule.

  • or Select an individual shift, then go to the History tab to see changes to a particular shift.

Contacting Planday

In the event of a suspected data compromise, you can contact our support team via the blue icon at the bottom. We will endeavor to respond as quickly as we can. Please note that any information or context that you can provide from your own investigation using the steps outlined above will aid us greatly in assisting you. Please read our data retention policy here: General subscription Terms and Conditions.

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