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Planday payroll export — Health check
Planday payroll export — Health check

Follow these steps in preparation of your pay run to avoid mistakes before exporting a payroll report from Planday.

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🎯 For Admins in Planday that are not using the Xero payroll integration.

If using the Xero payroll integration, follow Xero payroll report overview or Export timesheets to Xero.

Before first pay run

Would you like to export hours and wages using Planday data? We’ve put together a list of everything you need to have done or checked before you can complete a pay run.

Check before preparing for your first pay run

  1. You have set up the correct Pay period to each employee.

  2. You have assigned an award or a wage to each employee you want to pay.

Before every pay run

These are the things you should do before every pay run. Whether it’s your first pay run or already have successfully exported payroll data from Planday. These checkpoints help you ensure an efficient pay run process every time.

Check before finalising each pay run in Planday

  1. Check and approve Timesheets

  2. If this is your first pay run, take some additional time to review the shifts and make sure paid and unpaid breaks are accounted for and shift times are correct.

  3. Make sure all leave requests for that pay period have either been approved or denied.

Export a payroll report from Planday

It’s time to finalise this period’s pay run and export the payroll data from Planday.

Follow these steps to make sure you send the correct data.

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Payroll export.

  2. Select a date range in the Payroll Interval.

  3. Select who to include such as employees, groups, or departments. You can make a custom selection of employees and groups by using filters.

  4. Set any advanced export options such as shift status, and sorting of data in the export file.

  5. Choose file formats based on what payroll setup you have.

  6. Press Prepare report and download the files.

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These reports will include all the payroll information, and we recommend reviewing it before processing it further. The reports will include absence and leave requested in the selected period.

If you’re unsure when and what employee entitlements should apply to your employees or your business, contact the Fair Work Ombudsman to discuss this further. Getting this right is very important as it sets the foundation for paying your employees correctly. You should also seek any independent legal advice as appropriate for your business.

Note: You can customise your Microsoft Excel or CSV payroll export file by adding or removing data fields.

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