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Messaging through the Planday app

Communicate with your colleagues and manager using Planday’s built-in messenger.

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🎯 For employees.

  • Please note that the screenshots may look slightly different between Android and iOS, but the process remains similar.

  • Make sure to use the latest version of Planday app, and update to newer versions as they are released.

The Planday app lets you communicate with your team using the in-app messaging system. This feature allows you to communicate with each other without the need to use personal phone numbers or external social media groups.


If the message icon ✉️ has a red badge 🔴 you have at least one unread message in your inbox.

In Planday app, you can find the Messages section in the menu bar from which you can access the Inbox. Here you will be able to:

  • Read, send, receive and forward messages.

  • Start or reply to group messages.

  • Act on messages that require an answer from you.

  • See a list of who has or hasn’t read your message. (managers only)

  • Add attachments to your message. (managers only)

‎Planday EN Screenshots for HC.‎001.png

Pressing the iPhone's folder icon or three bars on Android will allow you to switch to your Sent folder or any other custom folder you have set up.

You can also delete a message by sliding the message entry to the left and pressing the delete icon.

How to send a Planday message

From the Inbox view, you'll find the button to create a new message either in the top right corner for iOS devices or in the bottom right for Android devices.

When you're composing a message, you'll have to:

  • Choose which colleagues, Departments or Employee groups you want to send your message to.

    • You can add individual recipients by selecting their names or pressing the entire group name.

    • Alternatively, you can search for an employee by writing their name.

  • As a manager, you can also attach files or photos to your message from your mobile devices. (File size max 50 MB).

‎Planday EN Screenshots for HC.‎005.png

Respond to messages that require a reply

If one of the messages requires a reply, it will be highlighted at the top of your Inbox until you respond.

‎Planday EN Screenshots for HC.‎002.png

Please note:

The feature to make a reply mandatory can only be set through Planday on the web and is restricted to managers or admins.

See who has read your messages (Managers only)

When you send a message as a manager, you can see who has opened your message and who hasn't.

To track a sent message:

  • go to your Sent folder (Inbox (or Messages) > tap the folder icon > Sent),

  • open the message you want to track

  • tap the second icon from the right in the upper right corner.

  • You can then choose between a list of recipients who have opened your message and those who haven't. The number of recipients on each list will also be displayed.

‎Planday EN Screenshots for HC.‎004.png

Contact colleagues outside of Planday messages by SMS, e-mail or phone call

You can contact your colleagues outside the Planday messaging system by sending them an SMS text, e-mail or phone call. This is suitable if you want to get to a person urgently.

These additional contact options are only available if this information is listed in the employee’s profile and made visible by the admin.

Under the People section of the app, you can search for a specific colleague by name. Once you tap on their name, you can see the available communication options.

‎Planday EN Screenshots for HC.‎006.png
  • Tap the Message icon to send a Planday message.

  • Tap the Call icon to call the person from your phone.

  • Tap SMS to send a text message from your phone.

  • Tap the Mail icon to send an e-mail.

Please note:

Standard carrier SMS rates apply if you use the SMS functionality.

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