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Xero+Planday add-on bundle – Billing & Packaging FAQs
Xero+Planday add-on bundle – Billing & Packaging FAQs
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In addition to our Hospitality award launch in Australia, Planday is now offered as an add-on product to Xero's subscriptions for Australian customers. A Planday integration to Xero Payroll provides a seamless experience from managing employee scheduling, time tracking and to submitting timesheets through to completing payroll, alongside your accounting tasks.

To answer any questions about billing and subscription for Planday, here are some frequently asked questions to clarify the process of signing up.

Billing and payment:

How will you get billed if you purchased Planday through the Xero add-on?

Billing for Planday will be handled through Xero. Planday will provide Xero with the number of active user licences, and the billing process will be managed via Xero's platform.

Why are you still billed for it if you bought Planday through the Xero add-on but are not using the Xero integration?

Regardless of whether you use the integration, you will be billed for using both Planday and Xero independently. The costs remain unchanged, as Planday's services are provided alongside Xero's subscription.

Switching to Xero+Planday add-on billing:

If you use Planday and Xero subscriptions separately, can you switch to the Xero+Planday add-on billing?

Currently, we do not support existing Planday customers opting into Xero billing. If customers wish to switch to bundled billing, they must cancel their current subscription with Planday and purchase Planday through Xero. Please note that SMS usage is not currently charged through Xero billing.

Planday Management and Unsubscribing:

Can you have multiple Xero organisations in one Planday organisation?

At this time, the Xero AU integration does not support multiple Xero organisations in a single Planday organisation setup.

Can the costs be credited if you unsubscribe from Planday and Xero and have already paid for the entire month?

No, according to Xero's add-on policy, no credits will be provided. More information can be found in Xero's support article: Changing Pricing Plan

If you unsubscribe from both Planday and Xero, can you still access Planday for historical data?

Planday retains data for up to 120 days, whereafter it is deleted. If you unsubscribe but need to access historical data, you can contact Planday support by emailing us at: to gain temporary access for up to 14 days.

Unsubscribing from Planday+Xero:

How can you unsubscribe from Planday+Xero?

To unsubscribe, you need to access your Xero account and remove both the Xero subscription and Planday add-on from your subscription settings. Removing the add-on will immediately close the Planday account, so we recommend exporting any needed data from Planday before proceeding. For detailed steps, refer to Xero's support article: Changing Pricing Plan AU

You want to keep using Xero but unsubscribe from Planday as a bundled service; how can you do this without losing your Planday setup?

To retain Xero while unsubscribing from Planday, you should remove the Planday add-on from Xero. This action will immediately close your Planday account. Afterwards, you can contact Planday support or sales for assistance in reactivating your old Planday organisation and selecting a suitable plan.

Read more in the article View or change your pricing plan on Xero Central.

You want to keep using Planday but unsubscribe from Xero; how can you ensure you retain the same Planday setup?

If you wish to unsubscribe from Xero but retain your Planday set-up, you should first contact Planday so we can help you transition to a standalone plan. You can then open your Xero account and remove the Planday add-on from your subscription. This action will immediately close your Planday account, so it's essential to reach out to Planday before doing so.

You can reach us at so we can set up an alternate billing and reassign you to your existing Planday account.

Read how to Cancel a subscription on Xero Central.

We hope this FAQ clarifies how billing and subscription work with our Planday service bundled as part of Xero's add-on offering. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. Thank you for choosing Planday and Xero for your business needs!

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