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Contracts & Documents - Troubleshooting
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I get an astronaut or Stuck in orbit error screen when creating a contract for a specific employee

When you create a contract, you may see a stuck in orbit screen with an astronaut floating around space. This may be caused by the employee name having a space before the first name or after the last name. Once this space has been removed the spaceman should no longer occur.

The spaceman can also appear if the contract file has a long name and/or filename has special characters in the name.

MergeFields not working as intended

There can be a couple of reasons why the MergeFields may not work as intended. It can be because:

  • the value is blank in the employee data

  • it can be caused by the wrong input field in the document / inserted text.

Salary field not merging

If the salary field keeps coming out blank it might be because the wage is not inserted for the employee in question or, the field itself has been pasted incorrectly. If no value for salary was inserted, the salary code appears in its place.

The logo is not showing up when using the insert text function to generate a contract

This feature is currently being upgraded and may have some technical issues. As an alternate, you can compose your contract in a Microsoft Word document allowing you to add your logo and use merge fields to embed Planday fields. When you upload the contract it would appear with the logo and fetch key employee data in the contract document.

Can we create bulk contracts?

Not at the moment.

Unable to see contracts template in Create contract dropdown

Check that the employee is part of a department and group before you can assign them a contract.

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