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Please read these important Product Terms to understand Planday’s functionality in relation to Awards compliance.

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  1. The Planday product is designed to support and simplify award interpretation through digitisation, but it is not intended to be a compliance product or to relieve you of your legal obligations in relation to compliance.

  2. The product contains Planday´s own interpretation of the legal requirements which vary according to the different working time rules, shift structures, etc. The Planday product does not act as a substitute for legal advice. Not all aspects of the legal requirements and awards are automated, and you may be required to implement manual workarounds or record certain award requirements outside of the Planday product. The Planday product does not cover all award requirements, including, but not limited to, allowances, leave accruals, shift work and some overtime. It is your responsibility to read the Help Centre Article setting out areas of the award that are not covered by the Planday product.

  3. It is your sole responsibility as an employer to pay your employees correctly and in compliance with all legal requirements, including by configuring the correct and applicable base rate of pay during the onboarding process. You also take sole responsibility for overriding any of the award requirements set out in the Planday product. Therefore, it is important that you familiarise yourself with the relevant legal requirements and seek your own independent legal advice in order to ensure that the Planday product is suitable for the needs of your business and your employee types.

  4. As the employer, you are solely responsible for reviewing the outputs and calculations generated for each pay period and before processing payroll to validate that each employee is being paid in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.

  5. Further to General Subscription Terms and Conditions and to the extent permitted by law, Planday disclaims liability for any and all losses arising from or in connection with your use of or reliance on Planday´s product to calculate employee entitlements or otherwise, or from any errors, inaccuracies, incompleteness or defects in Planday´s product.

  6. These Product Terms form part of your contract with Planday as set out in the General Subscription Terms and Conditions. In case of a conflict between the Product Terms and the General Subscription Terms and Conditions, these Product Terms shall prevail.

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