Mark your availability from the Planday app

Set your work availability with the Planday app to let your manager know when you can work.

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  • Please note that the screenshots may look slightly different between Android and iOS, but the process remains similar.

  • Make sure to use the latest Planday app and update to newer versions as they are released.

Using the Availability settings, you can indicate when you prefer to work and when you cannot. Many managers will ask you to indicate your availability before they create a schedule. Remember that these preferences are considered at the manager's discretion and do not guarantee that you will be off the schedule.

Please note:

Marking unavailability is not the same as applying for leave. You should ask for time off instead to prevent being scheduled and have a guaranteed off.

To set your work availability,

  • press More at the bottom right of the Planday app, then press Availability.

  • Tap edit at the top right, select multiple dates and mark your preference as Available or Unavailable.

  • You can also add a comment for your manager if you need to provide further information regarding your availability.

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