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Square integration – Setup guide with Planday
Square integration – Setup guide with Planday

Automate the import of your revenue data from Square into Planday.

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🎯 This integration is available for Planday admins in the following countries only:

  • Australia, Canada, Ireland, Spain, the UK, and the USA.

For availability in other countries, contact Planday support.

Before setting up the integration, you need to create revenue units in the departments you want to import revenue.

You should also be aware that revenue can only be imported on days when at least one shift in the Schedule exists.

The integration imports Gross value. It is not possible to import Net value or get information about Tax level or Tax value separately.

Find and connect the integration

The first thing you need to do is Connect your integration. Head to Settings > Integrations > Overview. Click Connect on the Square tile to open the integration.

Connect your Square merchants by clicking the Connect merchant button, which will prompt a Square log-in screen in a pop-up window.

Please note:

If the pop-up doesn’t appear, check that your browser is not blocking pop-up windows.

After signing in, you should see an overview of your connected merchants.

The green status icon 🟢 indicates that the connection is working correctly. If there’s an issue with the connection, a dedicated status and an orange status light will be displayed in the table.

Please note:

If a connection isn’t working, the revenue from that merchant will not be imported and, therefore, not included. This will also affect and overwrite revenue imported in the past if you are importing revenue back in time.

After successfully connecting your merchants, you can specify the Data import settings.

Start import at - Choose a timestamp for import.

The integration imports revenue daily at the hour specified in this field. The import will take place within the specified hour, usually at the beginning of the hour.

Get data from the past - Choose the number of days back in time for import.

This field allows you to specify how many days’ worth of data should be imported.

  • When selecting more than one day, previously imported revenue on the Revenue Unit is overwritten during every import. It’s possible the imported values can change over the first several days as payments get processed on Square’s side. The integration imports only payments marked as complete in Square.

Click Save to confirm all changes. If you want to discard the changes, simply close the window.

Map Locations and Revenue units

The next step is to link the Locations and Revenue Units. Click the Link location button in the Locations box to open the mapping window.

This page will show you the Revenue Units and allow you to link them with a Square merchant by selecting them in the drop-down. You can link multiple Revenue Units to one Square merchant and vice versa. Click Save to finalise the setup.

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