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Square integration – FAQ and troubleshooting
Square integration – FAQ and troubleshooting

Find answers to frequently asked questions and tips for using the Square integration with Planday.

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🎯 This integration is for Planday admins based in Australia and the UK only. Looking for set-up instructions?

Notes about Revenue Import Details

Integration timing

The integration imports revenue data from Square once a day. The import takes place within one hour starting at the hour selected in the Start import at field.
Typically, the import runs near the beginning of the specified interval.

Tax Always Included

Integration always imports Gross value from mapped locations. There is no option to import Net value or get information about Tax level or Tax value separately.

Revenue Value

The imported revenue is the sum of revenue values of all active Locations mapped to the Revenue unit from successfully connected Merchant accounts.

If any merchant connection does not work, revenue from the merchant’s locations will not count in the revenue imported into the mapped Revenue units.

Please Note that incomplete revenue values will overwrite correct values imported in the past if a Merchant account connection stops working and if you are importing values for several days in the past.


Merchant account needs to be reconnected.

In some instances, authorisation to the connected account can fail, and the account will need to be reconnected. The user will be informed of that state in the Merchants card where such status will be displayed next to the corresponding account.

How do I deactivate the integration?

To stop importing revenue, the user must remove all connected merchants. This will stop revenue imports. Revenue previously imported into Planday will not be deleted and stays in Planday.

How can I verify imported values?

Verify in Planday: Open the Schedule page on Planday. Press the View settings button, turn on the Revenue toggle to reveal revenue values at the bottom of each Schedule day.

Revenue imported for a given Revenue unit is displayed in the Daily revenue pop-up.

Note that the Notes field contains the timestamp of the revenue import and a label of the revenue source. The shown timestamp reflects the UCT time zone, and it is not adjusted for your Planday organisation’s location!

Verify in Square: Open your Square Seller dashboard and log in using the same merchant account you used to connect with Planday. Navigate to Reporting, then Transactions.

Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 13.59.28.png

Set relevant values in the filter:

  • The date should reflect the period you are checking.

  • Set types to Payments.

  • Set the status to Complete.

  • Select the location you want to verify.

  • The value you should compare with imported revenue in Planday is shown in the Total collected field.

Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 14.05.29.png

Square sign-in window is not showing

Ensure your browser is not blocking pop-up windows, as those can often be blocked as default browser setting.

Revenue not importing

  1. Make sure that there is at least one Shift in the Schedule on each day where revenue should be imported.

  2. Ensure that the Enter daily revenue checkbox, located in Settings > Revenue, is selected for mapped Revenue units.

  3. Verify that Square locations are mapped to Revenue units of relevant Departments in Planday.

Merchant account needs to be reconnected

If a merchant account needs to be reconnected, a corresponding status will be displayed on the Merchants card. To reconnect the account, you must click on the account’s table row in the Merchants card. A pop-up window asking you to sign in again will appear. You must log in to the correct Square account. Once you sign in, the connection status will be updated in the table.

When an account needs to be reconnected, its revenue will not be imported into Planday, meaning that you might notice unusually low revenue shown on the Schedule. To remedy this, after reconnecting the account, you can increase the number of imported days to overwrite days showing partial revenue figures.

Revenue imported to Planday does not match the value reported by Square

Check Payments Status
The integration calculates revenue based only on payments marked as Complete. Since payments can take up to a few days to be processed, it is possible that imported revenue will not correspond to values shown in Square, or that the value shown in Schedule will change during the next import.
If you wish to compare values more accurately, filter transactions in Square by the Completed status.

Check Connection Status
Please check that all connections are in Connected status. If a connection doesn’t work correctly, then Payments related to Locations from this connection will not be imported.

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