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How to modify the employee form
How to modify the employee form

Customise the employee form by adding or editing fields or sections based on your needs.

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🎯 For advanced admins. Learn how to create, edit, and invite employees here.

What is the employee form?

Each of your employees has a profile in Planday where different information and personal data can be entered and managed.
Which fields to include in the employee form and how the information is used in Planday can be customised according to your operational needs.

How to set up the employee form

You can customise the employee form in Planday by navigating to Settings > People > Employee form setup.
Here, you can see and decide what sections and fields are visible to employees in the form, change the order of fields, and set who can access or edit data in the fields (depending on the employee’s access level).

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On the page, you will see an overview of how your employee form is currently set up. There are default categories for Information, Address, Payroll and Miscellaneous. You have a few options for editing, which are presented in this article.

Add a new section

Press the Add section button to add new sections to your employee form. Adding a new section will allow you to add more fields and keep them in a common area.

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How to edit a field or section

We ask you to be extra careful when editing existing fields. Changes to an existing field can cause the information to be lost.

Click the pencil icon ✏️ on a line to edit the corresponding field or section. You can change the section's name and update settings for names, field types, permissions, and other field settings. The options available when editing a field is similar to those available when creating a field - you will find an overview further down in this article.

Create a new field

If you want to add a field to an existing section, click + Add field. In the window that opens, you can configure the following:

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Here you enter the name of the field.


Here you select the type of information that can be entered via this new field:

  • Text - Text, numbers, and symbols can be used as input.

  • Numeric - Only numbers can be added.

  • Dropdown - Create your own dropdown choices.

  • Date - Select a date from a calendar.

  • True / False - Checkbox.

  • Picture - Allows an image file to be uploaded with the form.

Default field value: Here you can pre-fill the field with a preselected value.

Access levels:

Here you decide who can view, edit or write in the field and whether it should be required.
You can see the three cases where the field can be displayed:

  • Edit employee or Create employee are the options where an administrator can view and edit the field (either when editing an existing employee or creating a new one).

  • Personal settings allow you to set which fields an employee can see and edit or be forced to fill out.

See the newly added field in use in the employee profile

As an admin, you can see the newly added field by going to Employees > selecting an employee > Edit > in the Edit Employee edit window, under the Personal details tab. (see screenshot below)

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For employees, this field will appear in their profile area by navigating to their name at the top right of their screen and clicking Edit in the drop-down list.

How to reorder the sections and fields in the employee form

Click Manage order and an editing window will appear on the right side of the screen. Here you can set the order of the categories and fields in the employee form.
By clicking Expand or Collapse, you can show or hide the individual fields in the categories. If a category or field has a double dash (=) icon, you can reorder it by dragging and dropping it in place. If a lock icon πŸ”’ is displayed, the position cannot be changed.
Confirm your changes by clicking Save.

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Archive a field from the employee form

Clicking on the Archive field icon πŸ“₯ will remove the corresponding fields so they are no longer visible in the employee profile. Fields cannot be deleted and only archived if they have this icon.
You can restore the removed fields by clicking the Unarchive field link from the Archived fields section at the bottom of the page.

Avoid archiving fields in the Payroll section as this information is the basis for many features in Planday.

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