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Delete or restore Departments
Delete or restore Departments

See how to safely remove an existing Department or restore a previously removed department from Planday.

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How to delete a Department in Planday

You can delete Departments in Planday by following a few simple steps.

To delete a Department, navigate to People > Departments > press the name of the department that you would like to delete > press Delete.

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When you take this action you will be prompted with a pop-up message asking you to confirm your decision. Press Delete again to confirm your choice or press Cancel to discontinue.

Please take extra caution when carrying out this action. Deleting a Department causes schedules in that Department to be removed along with information associated with that Department.

⚠️ We recommend that you review any existing schedules associated with the Department before deletion, as schedules within that department will be removed automatically along with the Department information. The Shifts will not be removed, but remain on the individual employees' profiles under the Shifts tab after the department has been deleted.

How to restore a deleted Department

You have the option to restore a deleted Department by navigating to People > Departments > clicking the Restore Department button to the left of the Create Department button. You will then be given the choice of retaining employee memberships in that Department.

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Keep employee memberships: ☑️ Select this option if you would like to restore the employees that were part of this department including the schedules that they were part of.

If Keep employee memberships is not selected, then employees will not be added to the department again, but the shifts they had prior to the deletion and restoration will be visible in the schedule with the employee names with a strikethrough.

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