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Set up Planday Plus: Step 2
Set up Planday Plus: Step 2

Follow these steps with links to short videos and articles to finalise the setup of your Planday organisation in Australia.

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You have already configured the basics of Planday. Now follow these final steps to finalise the setup of your Planday organisation and prepare for your first pay run.

Step 1: Setup Planday Plus

Step 2: Finalise your Setup



15 minutes

15 minutes

1. Activate time tracking in Planday using our Punch Clock feature – Set up Punch Clock.

2. Complete the Xero payroll integration to facilitate fast and seamless pay runs – Xero integration set-up: Step 2.

πŸ’‘ If you do not use Xero Payroll, read more about how to prepare for a payrun.

4. Share these Planday video tutorials with your employees or send them this Planday app usage guide so they can start using the app to check their assigned shifts, clock in and out of work or request leave.

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πŸ” Search the Help Center | See videos at

πŸ’¬ For personalised support

Log in and contact support using the blue icon at the bottom for further questions.

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