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Get to know the Home dashboard
Get to know the Home dashboard

Get an overview of the front page of your Planday and set it up to show the information that matters to you the most!

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The dashboard is the first page that you or your employees see when they open Planday on a web browser. It pulls important performance metrics from your existing data and brings actionable items in front of you so you can respond to the most important tasks first.

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Dashboard menu

You can access most areas of Planday via the menu bar. Some options may not be available to you depending on your account’s subscription or user's access level. For example, normal employees won't see the payroll, reports or account tabs.

Edit dashboard

You can add relevant widgets or remove the ones you no longer need by clicking on the Edit dashboard button. For example, you can disable the Get Started widget if you no longer need it or add new widgets that are relevant to you.

Account widget

Under the account section, you can manage your account information and your subscription. Simply press Go to your account to see your account overview.

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Pending actions widget

The Pending actions widget can be considered your digital to-do list in Planday. It lets you know how many items are pending and require your attention, divided into four main categories:

  • Swap requests - Shift swaps in between your employees that need your approval.

  • Shifts requested - See when employees have applied to open shifts that need your approval.

  • Punch Clock entries - Finished shifts from Punch Clock that require your approval.

  • Absence/Leave requests - Take action when employees request time off and need your approval.

Each category will show you how many requests you have awaiting action. If you press on a category, you'll be redirected to the request page where you can approve or deny it.

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News widget

Sharing information with your employees can be done through the news feed. You can also think of it as a bulletin board where you can post messages for the team. Press Go to news to see an overview of the news feed. Here you can edit existing news or create new posts targeted at different Departments or Employee groups.

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Events widget

You can schedule events for your employees that can be used to organise work meetings or social events directly from Planday that require attendance. Press Go to events to see an overview of all the events as well as create new ones. When you create an event, you can specify the date and time of the event, as well as limit the attendance by departments or employee groups. If you enable the Use attendance feature, your employees can let you know whether they can attend your event or not.

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Birthdays widget

The Birthdays widget has a more social role as it will let you and your employees see whose birthday is coming up in the next week. The Birthdays widget collects data from the date of the birth field from the employee's profile and displays it only to employees in the same Department.

Salary percentage widget

Here you can see the salary percentage for one department and compare it across departments. The data is obtained by having a set revenue in the system together with an approved shift schedule so that the percentage can be calculated on the basis of the ratio between revenue and wages within a period.


Under the Configure button, you can select the department you want to see the salary percentage for and whether you want to compare it with your budget or another department.

Revenue widget

To bring out data in this widget, there must be some revenue numbers in Planday. You can set up your revenue either by going to Reports > Revenue or via Settings > Reports > Revenue. Both of these allow you to enter your revenue manually. You can also automate the revenue ingestion using a supported Point of Sale (POS) integration. Go to Settings > Integrations to see supported POS integrations with Planday.


Under the Configure button, you can select the department you want to see revenue for and whether you want to compare the data with another department.

Daily attendance widget

With Daily attendance, you can quickly get an overview of the punched-in times for the day. The yellow colour indicates deviations in the stamp times compared to the planned shift times.


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