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Follow the steps in this article to join and log in to Planday

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You will be invited to join the platform when your company gets up and running with Planday.

Joining Planday will allow you to punch in and out from shifts, see your scheduled shifts, apply for extra shifts, and message people within your company.

Get invited to Planday by your manager

When your manager invites you, you should receive an email that looks like this:

This email contains your Planday URL and your username (your email address). Press Confirm Here to verify your account.

This will establish your email as your username and take you to the next step of setting up your password.

Setting up a password

In the next step, you must create a strong password for your Planday account.

Once a password has been created, you will then be taken to the Planday login page.

Log in to Planday

You need to have three pieces of information to log in to Planday app:

  1. Planday URL: You can find this URL in the email invite sent to you, or you can ask your Planday manager for it. It is usually the business's name, followed by Remember to exclude www or HTTP before adding the URL.

  2. Username: This would be the email address that you received the initial email invitation.

  3. Password: The password you set up by clicking the confirmation in your email. Can't remember your password? You can press Forgot password to reset your password.

Now that you have those three pieces of information, you can log in to Planday.
Open up the Planday app on your phone and press Log in. Enter your Planday URL, your username and password:

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πŸ’‘ (Optional) 2-Step verification: Depending on your Planday settings, you may be asked to set a 2-Step verification method to secure your account. You can use SMS or an app to authenticate your account.

Once this has been entered, you should be logged into your Planday app!

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ℹ️ Need more help?

Contact your Planday admin or leader if you have questions about using Planday.
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