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Register for or view a series of webinars designed for Accountants and Bookkeepers looking to learn more about Planday.

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🎯 For Accountants & Bookkeepers.

Missed our live webinars? No worries! You can now watch both past recordings and catch our new ones right here.

Upcoming webinars

There are no upcoming webinars scheduled at the moment.

You can see recordings from past webinars here.

Past webinars

Webinar 1 - Accountant and Bookkeeper Support

When: Tuesday 12 September, 12:00 - 12:45 AEST


  • What the Planday Certified Partner program is

  • The Planday customer support and onboarding model

  • Our pricing plans and how the Xero add-on works, including Partner points and discounts

  • How we compare against our competitors

  • Product limitations

  • Benefits to non-Xero customers

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Webinar 2 - Planday Basics

When: Thursday 14 September, 12:00 - 12:45 AEST


  • Why businesses might move from manual processes to software

  • How to create a fast and flexible roster including using shift types

  • How we estimate leave accrual in Planday and how to apply that to an employee

  • Understand how time worked is tracked in Planday including breaches to Working time rules, split shifts and breaks

  • Using the Planday app to communicate with staff, for example finding last minute replacements • How Planday integrates with Xero Payroll and how to complete a pay run

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Webinar 3 - Award Interpretation and Reporting

When: Tuesday 19 September, 12:00 - 12:45 AEST


  • How to import and enable an Award from our built-in library

  • How the award interpretation feature helps pay staff correctly

  • How it helps schedule and approve time worked more compliantly

  • Examples of risks and trends in workforce compliance

  • Our process of Award updates

  • Our Reporting feature and how you can import revenue to make data-driven decisions

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Webinar 4 - How other industries can use Planday

When: Thursday 21 September, 12:00 - 12:45 AEST

Description: In this 45 minute session we'll cover how Planday can benefit businesses operating across a range of industries.

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