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Where is data processed and stored in Planday?
Where is data processed and stored in Planday?
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Planday is a 100% cloud-based and operated company. We have no physical servers. Microsoft Azure is our primary vendor of Cloud platform technologies. We are taking advantage of the global awareness and reach that Cloud is providing us by placing our servers closest to where our customers operate.

The Planday platform is currently operating in the regions of Europe and Australia. More specifically, our systems run in Amsterdam/Ireland (Europe) and New South Wales/Victoria (Australia). All data is processed and stored within the home region of the customer. This means that data owned by a customer residing in the EU will not leave the EU.

Each region is fully compliant, with Planday’s obligations for information security, under Microsoft’s comprehensive suite of security certifications hereunder Data residency regulations.

Below is a list of relevant certifications held by our sub-processors:

  • ISAE3402

  • ISO27001

  • ISO-ICE-27018

  • CSA

  • ITAR

  • CJIS


  • IRS

We will continue to expand our product to support even more customers and users around the world, with no compromise on the security of our customer’s data.

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