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How do I manage my notification preferences?
How do I manage my notification preferences?
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Planday sends the following notifications and communications:

  • Product and service notifications, (e.g. notifications about product updates and new features, product webinars)

  • Incident and data breach notifications

  • Marketing communications (e.g. notifications about events, news about the industry, blogs and newsletters)

How can I manage my preferences for product and service notifications from Planday?

Product and service notifications are communications from Planday’s Product Team. These are sent to admins of Planday accounts via email and push notifications in the Planday product, in order to alert admins of any changes to features, functionality, or service that may impact their use of Planday.

At least one admin of a Planday account is required to receive all product and service notifications. If an admin would like to opt-out from receiving these notifications, we encourage them to ensure there is another admin on their Planday account who will receive them and address any actions required on behalf of their company.

We highly recommend that admins do not unsubscribe from receiving these notifications.

Restricted admin users and end-users without admin permissions cannot opt into product and service notifications.

How do I manage my preferences for incident and data breach notifications?

Planday reports on all types of incidents on the Planday Status page. Examples of incidents reported are: if a feature is temporarily unavailable or there are performance issues in some parts of the product,.

These types of security notices are not sent out to admins and end-users automatically; you need to opt in to receive these notices.

We highly recommend that admins and end-users subscribe to receive these security notifications. You can do so by opting-in on the Status page, by clicking the Subscribe to updates button.

Please note that these preferences will be stored for your contact record and will not save your preferences for other users of your Planday account.

Where can I manage my preferences for marketing communications from Planday?

You may submit your email address to opt-out of marketing communications from Planday by contacting our support team.

As an admin, can I assign preferences for other admins of my Planday account?

Admins only have control of their own individual settings. Preference updates for other admins are managed individually.

As an admin, can I assign preferences for other end-users of my Planday account?

No, preference updates related to notifications and communications to end-users are managed individually.

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