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How to create and assign Public holiday calendars
How to create and assign Public holiday calendars

Assign a Public holiday calendar to your employees.

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What does a public holiday calendar do in Planday?

Public holiday calendars let you manage your Payroll supplements for upcoming public holidays, cater for national and regional holidays and let you plan your schedule needs in a more informed manner. You can have your public holiday calendars show up directly in your schedule so it's easier for you to anticipate shift needs.

If you are unsure of what leave and absence employment terms are correct for your business or your employees, we encourage you to visit the Fair Work Commission Awards finder page or contact the Fair Work Ombudsman to discuss this further. Getting this right is very important and sets the foundation for paying your employees correctly. You should also seek any independent legal advice as appropriate for your business.

Step 1: Add one or more Public holiday calendars in Planday

To add a holiday calendar to Planday, go to Settings > General > Public holiday calendar > Add public holiday calendar.

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When adding a public holiday calendar for your business, you need to put a start and end date for the calendar. Set it from 01/01/2023 to 31/12/2023.

Planday will be updating the System calendars by adding more dates for future years and you’ll need to extend your public holiday calendar.

You can use the system calendars in Planday by selecting the appropriate calendar from the Create from existing dropdown. You can later modify and add further dates if needed.

You can also leave the Create from existing field blank and build a calendar from scratch by adding the dates manually.

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The first calendar will be set as default and automatically assigned to all employees. You can edit the calendar later for each employee.

If your business operates in multiple regions, you can add the appropriate calendars for each state or territory. We advise you to select the calendar used by the majority of your employees, as default. That way, it will be auto-assigned to all employees, and you only need to manually update those employees that are entitled to a different calendar.

Step 2: Assign Public holiday calendars to your employees

If you have added more than one public holiday calendar in Settings, you will need to assign the correct public holiday calendar to the employees that aren’t covered by the default calendar.

To assign a public holiday calendar to an employee navigate to Employees > Edit an employee > go to the Employment tab > select the appropriate public holiday calendar in the dropdown and the valid from date and click save.

Please note that you can’t pick a date in the future.

Going forward, when you create a new employee in Planday, this employee will be automatically assigned the default calendar, which you can then edit in the employee’s profile.

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