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Xero integration – Single authentication and Single sign-on with Xero credentials
Xero integration – Single authentication and Single sign-on with Xero credentials

Sign in to Planday with Xero credentials without creating new usernames.

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Our new Planday + Xero authentication feature allows you to sign up for Planday using your Xero credentials from the Xero App Store. This also allows you to use your Xero credentials to sign in to Planday without creating new usernames.

Single Authentication

The single sign-up process will automatically connect your Xero integration within Planday to the Xero organisation with which you created your Planday. This means that once your Planday account has been created, you can navigate to Settings > Integrations > Xero > press Manage and start the process of syncing your employee details* from Xero into Planday, as well as set up your payroll so you can send your employees worked hours from Planday into Xero.

If your username in Planday matches your credentials/username in Xero, you will also be able to use Xero Single sign-on (SSO)** to sign in to Planday using your Xero credentials from now on.


Please, note that to be able to sign up to Planday using your Xero credentials, you’ll need to at least have Subscriber permissions in Xero. To be able to set up your Xero integration in Planday, you’ll need to have Payroll administrator rights in Xero.

If you do not have Subscriber permissions, you will not be able to continue with the process of creating a new Planday set up. For Payroll administrator permissions, you must ensure you give yourself this permission in Xero if you are a Subscriber. Alternatively, you can add your Payroll administrator as a user in Planday matching the same Xero credentials (e-mail address) and re-sync so they can set up your Xero payroll integration.

To re-sync your integration, go to Settings > Integrations > Xero, press Add and then disconnect and reconnect to your Xero organisation.

You can find more information on how to set up your Xero integration in Planday.

Please note:

* The employee details synced between Planday and Xero currently are:

First name, Last name, Email address, Date of birth, Address, City, Postcode, State, Country, and Hired date.

You can read more about this here.

​** Initially Single sign-on feature will only be rolled out for existing customers or customers that sign up through the Xero App Store to Planday. In future, we will work on making this functionality available to all Xero & Planday customers.

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