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Delete or restore an Employee group
Delete or restore an Employee group

See how to delete or recover Employee groups and what you should bear in mind.

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Deleting Employee groups

You need to consider some essential points before deleting an Employee group. Employee groups define your Schedules, so deleting an Employee group will impact existing schedules.

Review the following points to prevent any negative impact when deleting an Employee group:

  • Previously created shifts connected to the deleted Employee group will remain visible and will still affect payroll.

  • New shifts cannot be created using the deleted Employee group.

  • Assigned shifts for the deleted Employee group can no longer be swapped.

  • Open shifts for the deleted Employee group cannot be requested or claimed.

  • Assigning employees to different Employee groups after you delete the Employee group can impact payroll if there are inconsistencies between the defined wages of the Employee groups or duplication of shifts.

In most cases, we encourage you to reassign shifts and/or create new Employee groups before deleting the Employee group to ensure that your schedule remains dynamic. If you are satisfied that it is safe to delete the Employee group, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to People > Employee Groups.

  • Find the Employee group you want to delete and press the Edit icon on the right.

  • From the Edit employee group view, press Delete and confirm your decision.

Furthermore, if there are any Positions associated with the Employee group in your schedule, you will not be able to delete the Employee group. In this case, you will need to delete the Shifts for that position, delete the Position and then delete the Employee group.

Restoring Employee groups

If you have deleted an Employee group but need to recover it, you can do so easily.
Navigate to People > Employee groups and find the Restore Employee group button in the top right corner.
This will prompt a new window where you can select which Employee group you'd like to reinstate and whether or not employee memberships should be kept as they were before the deletion.

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