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How to change username in Planday
How to change username in Planday

Follow this 2-step method to change an employee's username (email) and see the steps a user must take to make this change permanent.

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Planday uses an email address as a login identifier to keep usernames personal and unique. An employee’s username (email) should be the same as the e-mail they plan to use with Planday.

Update your username (email) yourself

You can update your username (email) by logging in to Planday and editing your user profile.

Go to your Planday profile on the right > press Edit > then press the Edit username link. Follow the onscreen instructions to edit your username.

You will be sent instructions to confirm the change of your username to your new email address. You must press the confirmation link sent to your email for this change to be permanent.

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Update an employee's username (email) as an admin

Step 1 of 2: Planday administrator updates username

Planday Administrators can update an employee's username at any time by editing their profile. This process also requires action from the employee to confirm the change of email before this modification is made permanent.

First, go to People > Employees > Select the employee whose username you wish to change > press Edit at the bottom right of the screen.

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On the right side, underneath the User Actions menu, press Edit username.

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Enter the new username and press Save.

Please write the correct email address, as login details will be sent there. The old username remains active until the employee confirms this change by clicking a link sent to their new e-mail.

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Step 2 of 2: Employee confirms the change in their new email

Once you have changed the username, the employee will receive an email containing a verification link in their new email address.

Only after the employee presses "Click to verify my email" will the change be made permanent.

Employee will receive a confirmation email stating the change has been made and can now log in with their updated email as their new username.


Please note: If the employee has not set a password yet, they will need to press Forgot Password on the login screen and follow the instructions. This article provides further instructions on resetting passwords.

Have you been asked to confirm your Planday username?

Your Planday username is a unique identifier for your account, which takes the form of a valid email address. You may be required to confirm your username when logging in for the first time or if your manager updates it for you. Additionally, if you have used Planday before the GDPR came into effect, you may be required to update your username and password.

Once you've entered your new username and pressed continue, an email will be sent to the given email address.

Press the link sent to you in the email to verify and start using your new login credentials.

Please note: Upon selecting continue, you will be logged into your Planday account using your old credentials, the old username and password will remain active until you have completed the last step and followed the verification link.

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